Odyssey EP

by Pacific//Hotline

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Kjima thumbnail
Kjima Found this completely by accident, and listened to Flood. Instantly loved it, and I bought it immediately.
Fantastic work. Favorite track: Flood.
Zephyr thumbnail
Zephyr This whole album is a bop. It makes me want to get in my car and just drive forever with a couple pals. Favorite track: Silverado.
Lukas Hägg
Lukas Hägg thumbnail
Lukas Hägg I usually prefer instrumental music, but I just want to sing along to this album. Favorite track: Flood.
adrian thumbnail
adrian music for summer on the coast, full of positivity and vibrant energy! and furries!! i cant wait for more from this collaboration Favorite track: Flood.
Pierce Da'esigil
Pierce Da'esigil thumbnail
Pierce Da'esigil So much talent all in one place. There's nothing not to love. If you like indie pop at all, get it. Everything about it is amazing. Favorite track: Flood.
Volphy thumbnail
Volphy This album is a combination of my two favorite musical artists, and it's nothing short of superb. Polite Fiction and Gryff perform some of the best music I've heard. Favorite track: Santa Cruz.
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released December 31, 2014

All music written and performed by Wade Mustoe and Travis Ratledge

Guitars: Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Synths: Massive, DSI Mopho X4, Spectrasonics Omnisphere & Trillian, Zeta, Diva, Logic Pro X, Absynth 5, FM8, Reaktor, Monark
Drums: Steven Slate Drums 4, Addictive Drums 2.0
FX: Too many to mention

Trumpet on "Santa Cruz" by Ned Wilkinson
Female vocals on "Santa Cruz" by Kelsey Soyeuz

Largely recorded in a tiny bedroom in San Jose, CA using only a keyboard, one guitar, an Apollo Twin, and a Neumann TLM 102.

Additional vocal recording on site at RADA Studios in Perth, Western Australia.

Production and Engineering by Matt Gio, RADA Studios, Perth, Australia.
Mastered by James Newhouse, Reel2Reel Studios, Perth, Australia.

Giant thanks to Jacob Bay and his new daughter - maybe when you're older we'll be big and famous and you'll have your dad to thank for that.



all rights reserved


Pacific//Hotline Perth, Australia

We're an Australian and Californian who spanned the Pacific Ocean using the information superhighway, which we call the Pacific Hotline.

We worked hard to bring you some funky, dance-infused, retrowave synthpop tracks to get you grooving. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Wade Mustoe - Guitars, Keys, Vocals

Travis Ratledge - Keys, Vocals, Percussion
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Track Name: Flood

how could I sleep
I couldn't let you in
reminiscing how our last time could've been
and the waters quickly rising with the flood
I could feel it somewhere beneath my blood

reaching out and wading through the depths I'll never know
and this animal inside I'll keep in tow
waiting for the evening tide to sink and pull you in
and my sharpest teeth I'll dig into your skin

until you let go let go
the undertow will drag you pull you
until you let go let go
I will be the one
you're looking through

and finally I know
I see you washing over
I feel it in my bones
don't let me drown
and all I know
is that you're not around
and I'm a ghost
and I've found you now

how could I dream
I couldn't even feel
premonitions, what is fake and what is real
pushed away I'm in the dark against the waves
we don't even talk
so how can I relate
reaching out and pulling myself up on cove
with a monster that's alive a friend I've known
you hope I'd tangle in the sand
I couldn't win
I'm just another beast
and beasts can learn to swim
Track Name: Silverado

there's no other way around it
explanations you can't understand
your eyes are softer now
the night is joined by howls again
and the wind it tames the mountains
universes you can't comprehend
your cries are softer now
the voices in your heart are friends

the way you are
will never be what you'll become

I'll feed the fire in the beast again
find your way tonight
I hear the jungle in your heart again
find your way tonight
I'm just an animal
but my heart's mechanical
I'm just an animal
the makeup of my chemicals
I hear the jungle in your heart again
find your flame tonight

there's no way to fight the future
days and nights they will happen again
the stars are brighter now
a thousand embers glowing red
and the moon it shapes the oceans
generations you've left in the sand
your touch is gentler now
your hands to shape and hearts to mend

it's hard to understand
if you never give a chance
always, always
ever the proudest one
down this road
you've walked a hundred thousand times before alone
but you don't have to be
you don't have to be alone anymore
Track Name: Drive
minutes they pass
smoke hanging low
listening now to the voices on the radio
the sky's gone dark
with a blood red tone
empty streets
a summer heat
a fuse waiting to blow

when the warning sounds
I'm standing my ground
the wolves keep circling
for the rules that we bend
the means to an end
that we take
when the levee breaks oh
wake up
before the night is done
wake up
we don't have to run we can drive
until the road runs out
or they gun us down
but they will never own this town
they will never ever ever own this town
or own us now
they will never ever ever own this town
or hold us down

can we get back
to the things we know
listening now to the static on the radio
the dial's gone black
and the TV's snow
the skyline glows
a neon hope
a heartbeat ringing low

can't fight
what you can't see
what you can't hear
when the time comes
what we will say
that we knew that
this would break us
it would tear down
all the walls built to
keep us hidden away
but the remedy
is parenthetical
are you the poison or the antidote?
is it worth what we gave up
to keep afloat
Track Name: Santa Cruz

open space
camera phone
keys misplaced
dial tone
are you the sum of all your fears
when you're dying alone
or are you made of stone?
overdose the sun
has left us comatose
and blind to none
through the sand we comb
for another day
then we'll be on our way

don't make a sound
just hold your breath until the sun goes down
if you should run aground
just disappear and then you turn around
is there a fix for what is broken?
all that's left is best unspoken

open gate
frames disowned
half-empty glass
of that spirit you've loaned
and if you shutter it away
does it become a great unknown
a king without a throne
overdose the sun
the belt was pointed like
a makeshift gun
through the sand we comb
for another day
and do we have to stay

you can hear them
when you're hiding in your room
the monsters overhead
and the things they've built
a house, a pen, a tomb
all they can take from you